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If there’s one thing which people buy because of its functionality and not the pretty aesthetics, then it is the locks. Locks work in a very simple mechanism consisting of gears and a steel or iron rod which fixes itself in a tight slot when the key is turned. The lock then prevents the door or window on which it is attached to open on its own due to wind or even by someone else using a lot of force. You can only open the door using the correct key. A Broadway locksmith in Seattle is capable of fixing and repairing anything right from your old or damaged locks to modern-age systems so that they don’t give away easily when a burglar is trying to get in your house. If you need to have your house secured or need a car locksmith in Seattle to upgrade your car or help you in times of car lockout then Seattle Neighborhood Locksmith is the name you should turn to. We are one of the premium locksmiths in Ballard Seattle and also have a helpline 206-408-8175 which operates throughout the day and night to help customers in need of a locksmith urgently.

Lock related issues are very rare to come and it can happen that you may never face such an issue yourself in your entire life. But if you are stuck outside your home without a key then your best bet is to call an expert locksmith rather than breaking a window and going in. We are open for business all day every day around the year and provide emergency locksmith services to people in need.

What Sets Us Apart

Seattle Neighborhood Locksmith is a little different than other Broadway locksmiths in Seattle. We don’t work in the traditional 9 to 5 work window and provide our services to anyone who needs it even in the middle of the night. We keep our customers and their issues above trivial stuff like company timings and odd hours and understand that you didn’t locked yourself out of your car knowingly and to deny you help only because its past our closing time would be a blatant disrespect of you and our promise.

When Seattle Neighborhood Locksmith first started out in the Ballard region, we met with stiff resistance from a number of locksmith service providers and individual locksmiths who had already established themselves in the society. Our aim was to provide premium quality service at affordable prices to everyone and we’ve been living up to that promise ever since. That is why other locksmith firms closed up shop, but we are still going on and putting a smile on our customers.

Fast Response Time

Timing is very important to us. In our aim of achieving higher customer satisfaction and giving them the best quality service, they deserve, we have pushed towards faster problem solving from our locksmiths. Gone are the days when a simple task like key duplication used to take up your whole day. We have state-of-the-art tools which allows our locksmiths to make new and duplicate keys easily right in front of you. Not just creation of the keys, we have improved our service delivery speed and promise to reach your location in 30 minutes or less, if you live in the Ballard area.

Extensive Training

All the locksmiths working under us go through a rigorous training schedule which makes them an expert in almost all kinds of locks and also enhances their existing knowledge. The training is not strictly professional, and we teach interpersonal skills to our locksmiths as well because they are often in situations where the customers are a little panicked and might need someone to calm them down. This also helps in communicating with the customer and understanding what the customer is actually trying to say.

Remote Locations

No area or neighborhood is too far for us until it is in the Ballard area only. We are one of the finest locksmiths in Ballard, Seattle and have promised ourselves to reach every person who is in a need of a locksmith. We are constantly increasing our inventory of locksmiths from every region so that one can reach your house or your car in as little as half an hour’s time. This is advantageous for a lot of people who can’t come to a shop because of some issue or live too far away from one that it is impossible for them to go to a locksmith.

Our Services

Seattle Neighborhood Locksmith has locksmiths who are experts in every field and have years of experience working with different kinds of locks. For our vision to help everyone with their lock related issues we have hired people who can work on almost anything.

  • Residential Locksmith Services

Although Ballard is a beautiful place with waterfronts, indie shops, bars and restaurants you can never be too casual when it comes to safety and security of your family members and belongings. Burglars are always on the look-out marking homes with relatively weak or no security and then make them their targets. We provide excellent residential locksmiths in Ballard, Seattle and are trusted by a long list of satisfied customers. We do everything from rekeying your old locks, duplicating the keys, making a new key, setting up silent alarms for thieves as well as fire and install deadbolts to doors and windows making them extra sturdy.

  • Commercial Locksmith Services

Situated on the coast and near the waterways, Ballard is a haven for small shops, restaurants, indie markets and other retailers to sell their business. If you are one such business owner, then you should have a strong security system installed to prevent burglary and robbery from happening to you. We provide an excellent commercial Broadway locksmith in Seattle who is not only an expert in installing and repairing locks and security systems but is also accustomed to the building regulations followed in Ballard. We provide all these services at a cheap rate than most other locksmiths.

  • Automotive Locksmith Services

Car locksmiths in Seattle are very few and hard to find. Those who are available aren’t open at all times and won’t deliver their service after a certain point of time. The locksmiths at Seattle Neighborhood Locksmith are fully dedicated towards their customers and will happily come to your aid even at midnight. We have a van which is fully equipped with all the tools a locksmith might need and our fast service can get you running with a completely new key right where you are. No need to go to any shop. Call 206-408-8175 whenever you are having car lock and key troubles.

  • Emergency Locksmith Services

We might not be a pizza delivery service, but we understand the importance of time for someone who is standing outside their car or home and want to get inside for some urgent work but has forgotten the key somewhere. Whenever somebody call us with a lock or key related emergency, our locksmiths start working in tandem like a well-oiled machine to reach your location as soon as possible. We move anywhere along with our tools so that any problem can be solved right where it is saving precious time. We work around the clock everyday and will be able to help you at any time and any place possible just as long as it is in the Ballard territory.

Need keys made? Are you looking for home security consultation? Need assistance with a lockout in the middle of the night? For all your locksmith concerns, there is but one answer: Seattle Neighborhood Locksmith. Hire the best locksmiths in Ballard Seattle today! Call 206-408-8175.

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